Behind Herbal Equines

Who is Herbal Equines?

Hi everyone!

I'm Stacia, I'm not your "typical" equestrian. 

I've been on my cruelty free journey for years now. I'm also what's considered a " Lyme Warrior " I've been battling chronic Lyme disease for over 18 years, that's over half my life so far, I really can't remember life without it. Choosing cruelty free through out different aspects of my life was not only a life choice but a healing journey. It has given me clarity, energy, better health and a new outlook on life. I do my best to use all natural items when I can, as my body reacts best to things and additives that don't wear me down, while saving animals in the process. 


Since this journey began, I always thought if I wouldn't use it on myself I'm not going to use it on my animals. I've always made my own fly sprays, lotions, etc with essential oils, infused oil blends, all natural things. I thought to myself, why not share this with everyone? Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or choose to eat meat, these products are for you and your pets. Your lifestyle choice is your business, you are loved and appreciated no matter what you choose. All products are made to order,  and made by me, Herbal Equines is a one woman show but I'm so ready to explore this wonderful journey with you guys.

I'm here to give a safe, natural, cruelty free option to better health and healing.

Welcome, you're so appreciated!

You can send me a message by using the contact button or you can find me over at

@herbalequestrian or @herbalequines on Instagram!