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Leather Balm

Leather Balm

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An all natural, cruelty-free leather balm? Why yes, I know it sounds a little crazy.


Whether you're buying new or secondhand, all leather deserves to be taken care of as it is some of the safest tack a horse owner can have. These animals scarificed their lives, so its our duty to take care of it.  Herbal Equines Leather balm includes only four ingredients to conditon and protect. Contrary to popular belief you don't need much to keep your leather at it's best.


This can be used on real and faux leather anything from horse tack, shoes, couches, boots, you name it!



Always start with clean leather and dry massage a small amount with hands or a soft rag, into the leather, first test on a hidden area to review results. Buff in any excess product to complete.


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